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Sales Partnership

We offer sales partnership to competent companies having presence in IT/Software Development/Design and want to expand their portfolio by including services we offer.

Sales + Implementation Partnership

We offer Sales + Implementation partnership to companies which are experienced in implementing ERP & automation solutions in other domains, and that have a capable Sales & Implementation team with established processes.

Referral Partnership

This partnership is for well networked and connected individuals in IT Industry domain with entrepreneurial nature. Partner can refer us to their network and help us to win deals.

Strategic Partnership

Codeistic's establishes a close working relationship with BPO/KPO partners. They often have extensive domain experience and receive ongoing training and technical support, enabling them to deliver high-quality services to their customers.



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Codeistic is truly recognized as a technological leader in Software Solutions for Compliance and Performance Excellence. However, this is not enough. We clearly understand to achieve success in selling our highly-acclaimed products, our partners must also succeed.

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Codeistic also strives to actively develop and maintain a personal relationship with each of our partners and to ensure that they are always aware of our development roadmap and long-term company goals.

codeistic partner
codeistic partner
codeistic partner

Our Partners

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Codeistic recognizes the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing a profitable agreement with partners.

At Codeistic, partners are a valuable asset. We do not consider our partners just as an outlet for selling products, but as a part of the Codeistic Team. Around the world, our partners work together to provide customers the best possible terms for buying and using our solutions.

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