Perfect For Beginners

Completely new to the realm of web designing and development? No sweat! CTA was tailored just for you!

Codeistic Technical Academy primarily caters to people with little to no experience in the domain of website designing. We start off from scratch, learning the fundamentals and mastering syntax through the journey of the entire course. With that being said, even if you've worked with web designing in the past and wish to brush up your skills, CTA can work for you too.

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Education & Academy

Learn to bring out the hidden designer/developer in you. Everyone has potential, and with training, one can bring out that potential.

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Our Courses

Web Designing

Learn to create content thats website ready from scratch .

Web Development

Learn the apply code behind the scenes that gets a website to functional state.

Tools & Techniques

learn to use certain tools that makes your life a lot easier.


Learn to create websites that scale to look great on smartphones

Practical Applications

learn to create an actual functional webpage.


Complete the course and earn yourself a certificate.